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A New Look for Design at UCSD

As someone who fell in love with design unconventionally, I was struggling to find peers at UCSD that I could connect with over my passion for design. I wasn’t a Cognitive Science/HCI major — I studied Communication and minored in Economics & Art History. I wasn’t well versed in the Human Computer Interaction or Neuroscience courses, but I wanted a space where I could build community through design. Enter Design at UCSD. I was invited to join the Design at UCSD Facebook Group by a friend. Initially, I wasn’t really sure what the organization’s value to me was. As a new member, I was intrigued by the club, but a bit confused by what Design at UCSD was. I had so many questions — was it for me? How could I contribute? Do they do design work? And how do I even become a member?

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