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Bom dia, Brazil!

In between binge watching (aka giggling ridiculously at) The Office and recovering from an untimely bout of laryngitis, I’ve been meaning to blog about my recent travels to beautiful Brazil! 

South America has always been on my bucket list — and getting to see Rio de Janeiro putting its tuxedo on and gettin’ all jazzed up for the 2016 Summer Olympics was dreamy. To top it off, I got to take this trip with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Alice. Alice is one of the most fearlessly ambitious people I know — and does casual things like write for Fast Company and New York Magazine. Oh, and also, casual things like moving to Lima, Peru (!) with Hope International for a one-year missions trip post-graduation (I know. My friends are the coolest). I couldn’t resist visiting Alice during her year working abroad, and when we decided to meet up in Brazil, I knew this was going to be a spring break to remember. And indeed it was. :)

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