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the “study” part of studying abroad

Hands down the most difficult thing for me to get used to in London?

School. Seriously. 

Not the driving on the left, or the let’s-jaywalk-everywhere-cause-its-not-illegal mentality, or the English slang (like "I’m queueing up to top-up my oyster" aka I’m waiting in line to put money on my public transit card). Yes, school (or Uni as they say here). :)

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A Wine and Cheese-y 21st

This past week, I turned 21 (wooooohoo! even though the legal drinking age here in London is 18… hehe). It was a milestone birthday nonetheless, and to celebrate, I hosted a Pinterest-inspired wine and cheese party for my flatmates and London friends. 

In preparation for the party, I spruced up my teensy flat kitchen with some flowers, a banner, candles and of course, tons of fun complements to the wines and cheeses (including prosciutto, salami, crackers, figs, honey, jams, peach chutney, red and green grapes, lemon tarts, chocolates, granola, baguettes, a freshly decorated cake and of course, nutella!). I asked each guest to bring a wine and cheese pairing for the group to try. I had absolutely zero idea which wines and cheeses paired well together so I referred my friends to Passport and Pancakes' "How to Host a Wine & Cheese Party" post. This blog post did us wonders! 

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