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15 T-shirts, 1 Hoodie and 1 Fanny-pack Later…

This past summer, I had the immense privilege of interning at LinkedIn — the world’s largest professional network. In between shoving down garlic fries from the InCafe and rushing to my next meeting on a RideIn bicycle, LinkedIn managed to make my summer one of the best yet -- opening my eyes into the world of tech. Although I could go on and on about all of my favorite things about this experience, I narrowed it down to five: 

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Reflecting on my White House Initiative Internship

This belated post was months in the making (read: lots of "I should blog about DC” thoughts swirling around in my head), but better now than never! Sometimes, I still have to pinch myself that all this really happened. 

This past spring, I had the honor of interning at the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Washington, DC. Typing that sentence out is still so surreal. Interning at the Initiative was admittedly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done - but also one of the most rewarding. Adjusting to a new city (with seasons? gasp!), working for the federal government, the grueling long hours, my first day I-think-I’ll-walk-to-work-in-heels mishap… it was all a bit overwhelming at first. But as the days went on, I quickly learned to always bring an umbrella, pack lots of snacks, walk to work in my Nike’s (and throw the heels in my purse), and, was constantly reminded of the lasting impact that my internship had. 

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