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#BigBentotheDen: Copenhagen, Denmark

A big hello from Europe! It’s been a hurricane lately — from spending time with my mama, auntie, cousin and her lovely husband in Zurich, to moving in and meeting fellow exchange students and locals from London — the last couple weeks have felt like a travelers’ dream. 

I left London as hurriedly as I arrived — my fellow University of California exchange students and I spontaneously planned a trip to the beautiful Scandinavian city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

We picked Copenhagen, Denmark on a whim and booked tickets two days (!!) before we were scheduled to depart. Copenhagen was so different from any other place I’ve ever visited, and I fell head over heels for the quiet serenity, cobblestone lined streets (albeit difficult to walk on), romantic canals and pastel colored houses. The herds of flawlessly dressed bikers on the streets (with their adorable bikes with woven baskets) and the beauty of Scandinavian design took my breath away. I wanted to refurnish my entire room with the mid-century modern pieces in the stores here! Everything and everyone is so darling — it's no wonder that it was named the happiest place on earth. Although I could go on and on and on about how much I loved this Scandinavian capital, here were my four favorites from Copenhagen: 

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