Ophelia Ding


starting somewhere

My first attempt at a blog back in 2013: 

here's to the days spent not entirely in bed

I'm making this blog on a whim, probably because the Frozen soundtrack has been on repeat. And because I think blogs are great!

Recently, I'm beginning to think that maybe there is a little inkling of true adventure somewhere underneath my un-athleticism and picky eating habits. I do enjoy traveling, photography, stalking minimalist hipsters on instagram (ahem @alice_gao), flowers wrapped in burlap, design, neutral colors, pinterest, paper garlands, polaroid cameras, weddings, burt's bees, Jesus, long knit socks, blue bottle coffee, Friends, moleskines, my camelbak... the list goes on and on. So here goes my attempt to document the days of my life that are more exciting that the rest.

To a blog full of exploration, flora and brown kraft paper!

Although a lot has changed over the past couple years, I'm going to re-attempt to write about my daily happenings, my ever-growing love of flora, adventures in new york city/san francisco and my travels as I go abroad this fall.

Okay, deep breath. Here we go!