Ophelia Ding


London Love Letters: Petersham Nurseries

In between my attempts at being a student again (you guys. I haven’t studied in so long — the struggle is real) and going on weekend trips, I’m trying to remind myself to really get to know my absolutely phenomenal home base: London, England.

London is so special to me. It stood out to me on a trip to Europe with my family three years ago and I knew I wanted to come back ever since. There’s something so historical and grand, yet modern and artistic about this place. The gorgeous clothes, rich coffee, iconic transportation, British accents (*sigh*), buildings seeped in years of history, the little “look right” or “look left” block letters painted on the ground that tell you which way to look before you cross because of their whole drive-on-the-left thing — I love it all. Today, I walked to my art history lecture at the National Gallery (in Trafalgar Square, which has this killer view of the Big Ben) and just felt so, so lucky to be studying here. Who gets to do this!? I don’t ever want it to end!!

I wanted to spotlight a gem that my friend Soo and I discovered this past week. A little outside London, there’s a magical world called: 

Petersham Nurseries — aka, the most beautiful teahouse-in-a-greenhouse-slash-garden shop-slash-Michelin restaurant-slash-nursery. I freaked out the whole time I was there — it was too quaint to be real (ladies, literally dream wedding venue). It was just one of the most charming places I’d ever been.

The most beautiful light flooded into the space, and the foliage on the rooftops made me feel like we were in some sort of enchanted forest!

Soo and I got English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea, with a quiche and almond-apple cake.  It was so delicious (I went back for seconds on that cake) and the perfect way to recharge after a long week of school. The trick about going to Petersham is to go to their teahouse (not their cafe or restaurant) — which has an a la carte menu and super reasonable prices. 

We took photos galore — so thankful for friends who let me take a gazillion pictures :) 

There was an autumn foods cooking class going on in the garden shop — Soo and I snuck in afterwards and admired the lovely produce selection and the drool-worthy foods and event space. Apparently they teach Christmas-wreath making and flower arrangement classes here too!!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better — turns out, there’s a shop that sells home goods, furniture and foilage. Quick — hide my wallet!!

Thank you for the best afternoon, Petersham Nurseries! We’ll be back soon. :)